Comptition Project

1. The Sixth International Welding Technology Competition

     (New Welding Technology, Welding Equipment, Welding Material, Welding Process and Their Application Competition.)

    TimeOct.--Nov. 2022

    Venue: Remote participation for international competitors by Zoom Meeting 

2. The Ninth International RobotWelding Competition

    (Welding Robots Programming, Operation and Maintenance)

    Time: Oct.--Nov. 2022

    Venue: Remote participation for international competitors

3. The Tenth International Welding Skills Competition

   (1) Shielded Metal Arc Welding (111/SMAW)

   (2) Gas Metal Arc Welding (135/GMAW)

   (3) Gas Tungsten Arc Welding (141/GTAW)

   (4) Oxygen Fuel Gas Welding (311/OFW)

   (5) Finished-product Welding (111, 135, 141, 136/FCAW)

  (6) Welding Competition for Non-regulated Projects (UT, Advanced welding equipment, Advanced welding technology performance, expert performance of special welding and cutting)

    Time: Oct.--Nov. 2022

    Venue: Remote participation for international competitors

Please refer to the Invitation Letter for detail

00 Draft Schedule and Agenda of 36th AWF Mtgs Hybrid 141516 July 2022r2Cover Page 页面 1

▶  Date and time: 16th July 2022 (Saturday) 10:00-12:00

▶  Venue: Tokyo Big Sight,  Japan

▶  ZOOM Meeting: URL- https://zoom.us/j/92889473526?pwd=eG82b2FSY1BPQWp2amZMQXFXYnNjZz09

▶  Organizer: The Japan Welding Engineering Society

Topic 1: Welding Education in the Unted States

Dr. Richard Polanin---Professor, Illinois Central College President WRP Associates, 2022 President, American Welding Society, Vice chairman, IIW C-XIV

Topic 2: Discussion on the Remote Distributed International Training and Competition

Dr. Zhenying Liu---Chairman of Beijing ARC Xinxing Science and Technology Co., Ltd., President of China Welding Association Surfacing & Additive Manufacturing Committee, Vice President of China Building Material Machinery Association, President of BRICS Academy of Skills Development and Technology Innovation (Xiamen)

Topic 3: Preparing Shipbuilding Industries Welders through Implementing Intensive of Welding Teaching and Training System at Kampuh Welding Indonesia

Dr. Zaed Yuliadi---General Manager, Kamph Welding Indonesia

Topic 4: JWES Welder Training and Welder Certification System

Mr. Shoichi Nomura---Expert , Qualification and Certification Department The Japan Welding Engineering Society (JWES)

The 8th Asian Welding Technology & Application Forum 2021 Intelligent Welding and Surfacing & Additive Manufacturing Technology Remote InternationalForum is going to be held on April 18th 2021 9:00-13:00 (GMT+8) through an online remote format. This forum will be co-hosted by the Asian Welding Federation, China Welding Association, China Building Material Machinery Association and along with International Alliance of Skills Development.       

The topic of forum includes three aspects — Welding, Surfacing & Additive Manufacturing and Future Skills Exchanges. Especially, international experts and scholars in the welding and surfacing & additive manufacturing will be invited to deliver topic speeches, aimingto improve the innovation capacities in welding and surfacing & additive manufacturing Technology, promote the technical exchanges among experts, scholars and enterprise employees, enhance the international exchange and cooperation in advanced manufacturing technologies & skills, and promote the integration of technologies and market application.

Please see the Invitation Letter attached here. We hereby sincerely invite you to attend the forum as a guest and presenter through online remote format.

Link of Remote Forum is as below:  

Theme: The 8th Asian Welding Technology & Application Forum —2021 Intelligent Welding and Surfacing & Additive Manufacturing Technology Remote International Forum
Time: 18th April 2021, preparing at 08:00 (GMT+8)
Platform: ZOOM
Meeting ID:87093923036
Meeting Passcode:123456
Link of Meeting:

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