1st row (from left) - Lisa Busby-Montenegro (International Institute of Welding);  Dr Takashi Miyata (The Japan Welding Engineering Society); Mr Eric Montes (Philippines Welding Society); Ms Nancy C Cole (American Welding Society); Mr  Ko Beng Lee Eddie (Singapore Welding Society); Mr U Lin (Myanmar Engineering Society; Mr Suchin Katavut (Thai Welding Society).

2nd row – layer 1  (from left) - Dr Liu Xiaoyan (Welding Engineering Institute); Mr Edi Diarman (Indonesian Welding Society); Mr Wataru Mizunuma (Japan Welding Engineering Society);  Mr Ang Chee Pheng (Singapore Welding Society); Mr Zulbayar Bold (Mongolian Material Science & Welding Society); Mr Atmawinata Achdiat (Indonesian Welding Society); Mr Raju Narasimhan (Indian Welding Society);

2nd row – layer 2  (from left) - Mr Dedi Priadi (Indonesian Welding Society); Dr Ir Winarto (Indonesian Welding Society);  Dr Liu Zhenying (Beijing ARC Xinxing Science & Technology Co, Ltd); Mr Shoichi Nomura (The Japan Welding Engineering Society); Mr Hideaki Harasawa (The Japan Welding Engineering Society); Mr Supot Thongdee (Thai Welding Society); Mr Soeweify (Indonesian Welding Society); Mr Ackadech Lersvanichkool (Thai Welding Society); Dr Le Van Hien (Vietnam Welding Society); Mr Mochammad Moenir (Indonesian Welding Society); Mr Hla Kyaing (Myanmar Engineering Society); Dr Edwin Jong (Institute of Materials Malaysia); Mr Ray Shook (American Welding Society); Dr Som Ashutosh (Indian Institute of Welding); Mr Jeff Kamentz (American Welding Society);

3rd row – (from left) – Ms Carol Lau (Singapore Welding Society); Dr Hirosada Irie (The Japan Welding Technology Center); Mr Efren Ibanez (Sumitomo Metal Mining); Mr Naoki Suzuki (Kobel Steel Ltd); Mr Sesinandi Abulencia (Philippine Welding Society); Mr Ernesto Policarpio (Philippine Welding Society); Mr Hiroshi Hasagawa (The Japan Welding Society);  Prof Heng Keng Wah (Singapore Welding Society); Mr To Thanh Tuan (Vietnam Welding Society); Mr Vu Quang Huy (Vietnam Welding Society); Mr Ong Chong Hup Max (Institute of Materials Malaysia); Mr Leo Paul (Malaysian Welding & Joining Society);  Mr Hanley Varghese (Singapore Welding Society); Mr Sze Thiam Siong (Singapore Welding Society); Mr  Hiroaki Kawamoto(Thai-Kobe Welding Co., Ltd); Mr Glen Allan (Welding Technology Institute of Australia); Mr Win Htun (Myanmar Inspection & Technology Co. Ltd); Mr Kirk Keng Chuan (Institute of Materials Malaysia); Mr Dawot Hussin (Malaysian Welding & Joining Society)

4th row – (from left) - Mr Yasutaka Okamoto (Nippon Steel & Sumikin Welding Co., Ltd) ; Mr Minoru Otsu (Kobe Steel, Ltd).   

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