BRICS Business Council Skills Development Seminar was held from Sep. 14th to 17th in New Delhi, India. Dr. Liu Zhenying, Chairman of Beijing ARC Xinxing Science & Technology Co., Ltd. and Secretary-General of Organizing Committee of Arc Cup International Welding Competition (OC ARCIWC) was invited to attend the seminar and made a report on China “Industry 4.0” development status based on the topics of the seminar “Manufacture 4.0”. Other BRICS representatives, Russia Irina Grigorenko and Alina Doskanova, India M.S.Unnikrishnan and Kaustubhi Harit, South Africa Nonkululeko Sishi and Sherrie Donaldson, together with China Mr. Peng Guoquan also attended the seminar. The concurrent event also include FICCI (9th) Global Skills Summit.

(FICCI 9th Global Skills Summit Site and Group Photo of BRICS SDWG Staff)

With care and guidance of President Xi Jinping in person, BRICS Business Council is one of the important mechanisms of developing BRICS cooperation. BRICS Business Council was founded during the fifth BRICS Summit on March 27th, 2013 in Durban, South Africa. China President Xi Jinping and other BRICS heads witnessed the signing of “BRICS Business Council Declaration” together. China Section of BRICS Business Council sets up seven industry working group, namely infrastructure, energy and green economy, manufacturing, financial services, skills development, agricultural economy, as well as deregulation and investment support. Industry working groups implement group leader responsible system. Currently, Beijing ARC Xinxing Science & Technology Co., Ltd. is the leader of China Skills Development Working Group, and responsible for organizing the participation of series of multilateral seminars, forums, skills competition, etc. and cooperation projects held by BRICS Skills Development Working Group (SDWG).

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FICCI (9th) Global Skills Summit was held at the FICCI headquarter on Sep. 14th. Many Indian experts made reports on the related issues of intelligent manufacturing. And the word “China” became the highest frequency hot words in these reports, which meant China has became the benchmark of India development.

(FICCI 9th Global Skills Summit)

At the BRICS “Industry 4.0” Skills Development Seminar on Sep. 15th, representatives from Russia, India, South Africa and China SDWG separately made a report on “Manufacturer 4.0” skills development of their own country. China representative Dr. Liu Zhenying was invited to make the speech firstly. Dr. Liu made a systematic illustration on China “Industry 4.0” from the aspects of “Made in China 2025”, challenges faced by companies in adopting “Industry 4.0”, case study on implementation of “Industry 4.0” by a company, skill development initiatives undertaken by Government, collaboration for skill development and opportunity for collaboration with other BRICS nations. Indian representative M.S.Unnikrishnan made a report from the perspectives of skill development in India, “Industry 4.0” status and BRICS- What India Seeks. Russia representative Irina Grigorenko introduced Russia “Industry 4.0” and skills preparation status in detail. South Africa representative Nonkululeko Sishi introduced the current challenges faced by implementation of “Industry 4.0”, and the bilateral / multilateral collaboration for skill development among BRICS. Germany “Industry 4.0” expert Dr. Reinhard Pittschellis introduced “Industry 4.0” implementation experience in detail. After the systematic reports, BRICS attendees were divided into five groups to discuss the multilateral projects mentioned in “Industry 4.0” White Paper.

(Dr. Liu Zhenying was making a report on “Industry 4.0” Skills Development Seminar)

Beijing ARC Xinxing Science & Technology Co.,Ltd. (hereinafter refers to as Beijing ARC Company) is a leading enterprise in hard-facing industries, national high-tech enterprises, and Zhongguancun innovative enterprises. The business of Beijing ARC Company covers hard-facing and remanufacturing of wear-resistant parts, additive manufacturing, wear-resistant wire, automatic overlaying equipment, automatic welding equipment, digital welders manufacturing, and robot system integration, etc. Beijing ARC Company occupies an advanced international position in the fields of wear-resistant materials, digital welding machine, overlaying equipment and hard-face overlaying service. Meanwhile, started from 2008, as the originator and organizer, Beijing ARC Company organized a series of “Arc Cup” international welding competition and exchange activities, which has been the important event among international welding field. With the constant specialized market expansion and the widespread influence of international welding exchange activities, Beijing ARC Company get more and more attention and recognition from all sectors of society.

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