BRICS Summit was held in New Delhi, India on 13th October, 2016 with the concurrent event of BRICS Business Council Skills Development Working Group (SDWG) Conference. Dr. Liu Zhenying, representative for China Section of BRICS Business Council SDWG, attended the conference and participated in the Summit activities.

SDWG Conference - a New Chapter for BRICS Skills Development Cooperation
BRICS Business Council SDWG Conference was hosted by M.S. Unnikrishnan, Chairman of India Section of SDWG. And, representatives of Brazil, Russia, South Africa and China (Dr. Liu Zhenying, Chairman of China Section of SDWG) attended the conference and made speeches. Other 30 unit representatives related to skills development from different countries also attended the conference, among whom, Dr. Gao Dong of Beijing University of Chemical Technology, Industry 4.0 Expert, was invited to attend the conference.

BRICS Representatives Discussing Industry 4.0 – Skills Development (White Paper) and Signing MoU on Cooperation

Dr. Liu Zhenying, Chairman of China Section of SDWG, commended the efforts made on Industry 4.0 White Paper by India Group and BRICS Cooperation MoU by Russia Group and expected BRICS SDWGs to make efforts together for the implementation of joint projects and plans, promotion of practice and exchanges, advancement of cooperation among BRICS education institutions, development of BRICS Skills Competition and training of highly-skilled professionals, etc.

In order to establish a platform for multi-level cooperation among BRICS countries, Dr. Liu Zhenying, as the Chairman of China Section of SDWG, proposed to build a “Belt and Road International Alliance of Education and Training” and hoped to solve the problems of training, certification and certification standards for skilled and technical professionals in the implementation of "Belt and Road" strategies by establishing joint training centers/schools and certification centers, and to cultivate international highly technical and skilled professionals by conducting international exchange activities widely, such as, international conferences, international skills competition, network learning, face to face operation learning, mutual dispatch of personnel and teachers training, etc.

Conference participants made a further discussion on the draft of Industry 4.0 – Skills Development (White Paper), which was proposed by India Section and signed MoU on Cooperation in the Spheres of Human Capital and Professional Skills Development among the BRICS Countries, which means that BRICS SDWGs will develop a series of multi-level cooperation in various fields successively.

BRICS Business Forum - Leading to BRICS Development Road
BRICS Business Forum was held on 13th, October, providing a basis for wider cooperation among BRICS countries. The topics of the Forum covered energy cooperation, infrastructure development and agricultural cooperation, etc. Vice Premier of India and Commerce Ministers of India, Brazil, China, Russia, and South Africa attended the Forum and addressed speeches. They put emphasis on the establishment of open and unified market for BRICS countries and on the market openness, free trade, infrastructure development, cross-border e-commence and win-win cooperation and placed high expectations on the BRICS New Development Bank (NDB).

BRICS 1st Trade Fair - Wonderful Opening
During the Forum period, BRICS 1st Trade Fair was held in the Pragati Maidan Exhibition Centre with the topic of BRICS Development and Innovative Cooperation - one of the main mechanisms of cooperation and exchanges advanced by India (rotating presidency). Many well-known enterprises from BRICS countries attended this Fair and presented their advantages, technologies and innovation in various industries by displaying technology, products and services.

BRICS Business Forum

BRICS Business Forum BRICS 1st Trade Fair

BRICS SDWG Conference created a good beginning for further work to be conducted by China. During the conference, the vision and ideas of Dr. Liu Zhenying on world skills development and his proposal of “Belt and Road International Alliance of Education and Training” were recognized and praised by other representatives.

China will be the rotating presidency of BRICS Summit in 2017. We will push forward various work, such as, the establishment of “Belt and Road International Alliance of Education and Training”, organization of BRICS Skills Competition and Skills Development Seminar and co-host of IIW·CWS·Arc Cup 2017 International Welding Competition together with other membership units of the SDWG so as to seek more opportunities and strive for more benefits for Chinese skills development.

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