On November 20th, The 11th Asian Welding Technology & Application Forum--2022 Webinar on Intelligent Welding Technology and Welding Education & Training was successfully held in Chengdu. More than 10 domestic and foreign guests delivered wonderful keynote speeches, more than 200 experts, scholars, university teachers and students attended the on-site conference of Chengdu Industry & Trade College, and more than 40 international guests from Indonesia, Malaysia, Myanmar, the Philippines, Singapore, Thailand, Vietnam and Bulgaria participated in the discussion online. Meanwhile, live picture streaming allows more viewers to understand and record the highlights of the webinar.



    This webinar was jointly sponsored by China Welding Association, Asian Welding Federation, Organizing Committee of BRICS Skills Development and Technology Innovation Competition, Organizing Committee of ARC Cup International Welding Competition and  BRICS Training Center for Skills Development and Technology Innovation, and organized by the China Welding Association Surfacing and Additive Manufacturing Division, China Building Materials Machinery Association Welding Technology Division, and AWF Welding Technology and Application Committee and Beijing ARC Xinxing Science & Technology Co., Ltd.

    The main contents of this webinar include four major sections: experience sharing of training technical skills talents, introduction and exchange of advanced technology skills, sharing of welding training and educational practice, and exchange of excellent papers on welding technology.

Module 1. Experience sharing  of training technical skills talents

    Dr. Liu Zhenying, Executive Chairman of Organizing Committee of Belt & Road and BRICS Skills Development and Technology Innovation Competition, Chair of AWF Welding Technology and Application Committee, Vice President of China Welding Association, delivered a keynote speech on the theme of "Discussion on the Remote Distributed International Training and Competition Model", sharing the successful cases of remote distributed international training and competition under the influence of the international epidemic, pointing out that this training and competition mode is suitable for the current welding training and education, which promotes training via competition. In order to realize remote distributed international training and competition, it is necessary to formulate distance training and competition standards and courses, establish vocational skills international training bases and joint training centers as venues and platforms required for distance training and competitions, and carry out theoretical and technical discussions in the form of auditoriums or virtual classrooms.



Module 2. Advanced Technology Skills Introduction and Exchange 

 Title: Welding Technology of Key Components of Rocket Hydrogen-oxygen Engine                                                                                                                         

Mr. Gao Fenglin, Vice Chairman of All-China Federation of Trades Union, Chief Skilled Expert of the Fisrt Institute of China Aerospace Science and Technology Corporation       

Title: High Reliability Surface/Interface Technology for key parts of rail transit equipment

Prof. Liu Yan, National Level Young Talent,  Executive Deputy Director of the National Experimental Teaching Demonstration Center of Materials

Title:New Strategies for Joining of Dissimilar Materials  Prof. Wei Zhou, Professor of Nanyang Technological University, Singapore



Module 3. Welding Training and Education Practice sharing 

Title: Preparing Shipbuilding Industries Welders through Implementing Intensive of Welding Teaching and Training System                   Dr. Mochamad Zaed Yuliadi, Secretary General of Asian Welding Federation, Professor of Muhammadiyah University of Surabaya         

Title: Economic and Environmental Impact of Welding Training Digitalization by using Augmented Reality Solutions

Mr. Antonio Fernandez Perez, Business Director of SEABERY AUGMENTED TRAINING

Title: Role of Ergonomics in Welding

Mr. Rituraj Bose, Hony. Secretary General ofThe Indian Institute of Welding


Module 4. Exchange on Excellent Papers in Welding Technology

    The webinar was held concurrently with the 10th ARC Cup International Welding Competition, in which the Welding Technology Remote International Competition attracted dozens of players from home and abroad. At this webinar, three domestic outstanding candidates were invited to share their excellent papers on welding with the audience.

Paper: Formation Mechanism of Cu/Sn Dissimilar Lap Joints via Electromagnetic Pulse Welding                                                                                            

Tiantian Tan, Post-graduate from Chongqing University of Science and Technology School of Metallurgy and Materials Engineering
Paper: Brazing process and interfacial microstructure of 17-4PH stainless steel to TC4 titanium alloy fabricated by additive manufacturing Jian Sijie, Post-graduate from Jiangsu University of Science and Technology  Department of Welding

Paper: Influence of filler metal on microstructure and properties of titanium/copper weld joint by GTAW weldments

Mr. Li Jie, Lecture in Welding of Xi’an Aeronautical Polytechnic Institute, Doctoral Student of  Materials Science and Engineering School of Xi’an University of Technology

    The Webinar has been a complete success, which has played a role in promoting the innovation of welding technology, introducing advanced welding technology skills, improving the innovation ability in the field of intelligent welding and robot welding, sharing the best practice and successful experience of welding education and training, strengthening the international exchanges and cooperation of experts, scholars and enterprise practitioners in the field of welding technology skills, and advancing the development of welding vocational education and training.

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