25th AWF meeting in Japan 1

1st row seated (from left): Mr Mochammad Moenir (Indonesia), Mr Achdiat Atmawinata (Indonesia), Mr Ang Chee Pheng (Singapore), Mr Eric Montes (Philippines), Mr Suchin Katavut (Thailand), Dr Takashi Miyata (Japan), Mr Perianan Radhakrishnan (Singapore), Prof Suck-Joo Na (Korea)

2nd row (from left): Ms Ainil Fidrah Mohd Ghazali (Malaysia) , Mr Slamet Subagyo (Indonesia), Dr Liu Zhenying (China), Mr Heng Keng Wah (Singapore), Mr Ohn Myint (Myanmar), Dr Setyo Utomo Budi (Indonesia), Mr Satyender Mahajan (India), Dr Hirosada Irie (Japan), Mr Dominandor C. Eleazar Jr (Philippines), Mr Gerald S Gallardo (Philippines), Mr Edralin C. Icabales (Philippines), Mr Sze Thiam Siong (Singapore).

3rd row (from left): Mr Mohd Azmi Mohd Noor (Malaysia), Dr Prof Ir Winarto (Indonesia), Dr Sun Zhenguo (China), Mr M Husni Athaillah (Indonesia), Mr Bold Zulbayar (Mongolia), Mr Shoichi Nomura (Japan), Mr Hideaki Harasawa (Japan), Mr Hiroshi Saito (Japan), Mr Wataru Mizunuma (Japan), Mr Nguyen Van Anh (Vietnam).

4th row (from left): Mr Nguyen Ngoc Hoa (Vietnam), Ms Nguyen Thi Giang Huong (Vietnam), Mr Rozairi Jaafar (Malaysia), Mr Yulianto Arif (Indonesia), Mr Than Tun Zaw (Myanmar), Mr Tin Latt (Myanmar), Mr Narain Muneesh (India), Mr Yuzuru Kaneko (Japan), Mr Shuji Aihara (Japan), Mr Asami Shimogori (Japan), Ms Carol Lau (Singapore), Mr Toru Iijima (Japan)

During 2015 “Arc Cup” International welding exchange year, Dr. Liu Zhenying, the Secretary-General of Organizing Committee of “Arc Cup” International Welding Competition and Chairman of Beijing ARC Science & Technology Co,. Ltd. Personally Led 22 competitors from Chinese state-owned enterprises to attend international welding competition for five times in Czech Republic, Germany, Hungary, UK, America, and achieved great success.

The common front-line staff of state-owned enterprises and the professional students of vocational college who is about to graduate expand their vocation horizon through exchange experiences, and also win good result via competition.Some prize winners will win honorary title of “technical expert of state-owned enterprises” or “youth expert of state-owned enterprises” which issued by SASAC of the State Council. By way of technology research and hard practice, these ordinary front-line welders win the historic opportunity to stand out from technology and position talents. Millions of welding workers of state-owned enterprises are inspired and encouraged for this reason. “Arc Cup” realizes the dream of Chinese welders for stepping out and lightens the wisdom of welders.

The first competition in Czech Republic, gold medal was won on “Gold Cup LINDE”
On April 14th, 2015, the 19th “Gold Cup LINDE” international welding competition was successfully held in Frýdek-Místek of Czech Republic and attracted 124 contestants from 7 Countries of Czech Republic, Slovakia, China, Germany, Ukraine, The Republic of Belarus, Poland.Five competitors of Chinese group attended the competition, including Chen Guogan from Jiangnan Shipyard (Group) Co., Ltd, Tan Zhengkui and Wei Zhongkai from Guanxi Technological College Machinery and Electricity, Ran Yili and Lu Longzeng from Guangxi Petrochemical Advanced Technical School.

(Photo of Chinese Group)
(Photo of Chinese Group)

“Gold Cup LINDE ” international welding competition started to held in 1997 and has successfully held 19 times until 2015. The competition is supported by Ministry of Education of Czech Republic, organized by the Secondary Vocational Technical School in Frýdek-Místek. It’s a influential competition in the international welding industry.

The competition specified four welding methods, including shielded metal arc welding (111/SMAW), gas metal arc welding (135/GMAW), argon tungsten-arc welding (141/GTAW) and oxyacetylene flame welding (311/OFW).Every competitor of each competition team can attend the competition with only one welding process. The authorized national institution empowered by the organization committee is responsible for technology supervision.

After fierce competition, “Arc Cup” group won one first prize, two second prizes, three first prize of individual competition and two second prize of individual competition, acquiring gold medals of all projects except shielded metal arc welding.

For the competition of four welding processes, Chen Guogan from Jiangnan Shipyard (Group) Co., Ltd won championship when competing with 51 contestants on gas metal arc welding, which filled the void of gold medal on this project; Ran Yili and Lu Longzeng from Guangxi Petrochemical Advanced Technical School also won championship on argon tungsten-arc welding and oxyacetylene flame welding respectively. Wei Zhongkai and Tan Zhengkui from Guanxi Technological College Machinery and Electricity took the second place on shielded metal arc welding and gas metal arc welding respectively.

Exquisite welding skills of Chinese competitors received praise of international welding peers. Chief referee of the competition said, “We are not at the same level with Chinese team.”
Except excellent results, director Dai Jianshu of Guanxi Technological College Machinery and Electricity as the international referee justly and fairly performed his duty together with referees of other Countries, which raised the discourse power of Chinese referee on important international competitions and indicated that Chinese welding competition and international welding competition are in line with technology and regulations.

Opening Ceremony of the Competition
(Opening Ceremony of the Competition)

Works of Chinese Competitors
(Works of Chinese Competitors)

Chinese competitor was competing with great efforts
(Chinese competitor was competing with great efforts.)

Group Photo of Competitors from Different Countries
(Group Photo of Competitors from Different Countries)

Group Photo of Chinese Competitors
(Group Photo of Chinese Competitors)

Chinese Competitors Won Prize
(Chinese Competitors Won Prize)

II. The second competition in Germany, the first prize was won on KUKA robot welding.

During 15th to 16th Sept., 2015, the “2015 DVS Robot Welding Competition” co-hosted by ESSEN Exhibition Company and DVS was held in ESSEN exhibition center of Nuremberg in Germany.

German DVS Robot Welding Competition is famous for rigorous qualification of selection and high-difficulty technology in the international welding industry. After strict selection and comprehensive evaluation, only 14 competitors from China and Germany acquired qualification for participating in competition. Five competitors of “Arc Cup” group including Yan Hongbo, Wang Cai and Li Jinbao from FAW Group, Zhang Dongxiao and Wang Taizhong from CRRC Corporation Limited were successfully chosen through strict pre-competition training by practical experiences of welding robots.

Group Photo of Chinese Participators
(Group Photo of Chinese Participators)

Germany host was making pre-competition introduction in the venue
(Germany host was making pre-competition introduction in the venue)

The competition includes written examination in English and robot operation. Written examination covers robotology, welding as well as safety knowledge, and requires answer in English. Practical operation is the programming and operation to designated robots of FANUC, KUKA and YASKAWA.Zhang Dongxiao and Wang Taizhong from CRRC Corporation Limited entered for FANUC robot, while Yan Hongbo and Wang Cai from FAW Group entered for KUKA robot, Li Jinbao from FAW Group entered for YASKAWA robot.In the end, on the condition of difficult language communication, unfamiliar with equipment and in face of many strong rivals, Yan Hongbo and Wang Cai from FAW Group won gold medal and bronze medal respectively. Foreign peers were impressed by outstanding performance of Chinese competitors and the foreign referees couldn’t help exclaiming after saw the data, “Excellent!”

Chinese competitors are in competition
(Chinese competitors are in competition)

As the saying goes, an accomplished disciple owes his accomplishment to his great teacher.To prepare for the robot welding competition, state-owned enterprises arranged experienced coaches. The coach of three competitors from FAW Group is Bian Qingzhan who has many years’ theoretical and practical experiences of robot welding. He is the director of axle workshop and is always working on front-line technology management. Two competitors of CRRC Corporation Limited is Xie Yuanli who is the representative of the 18th National People’s Congress, and has won “national model worker” and Chinese Skills Prize. Gold prize winner of two competitors from FAW Group both not only lie in self hard work, practice, assiduous study, but also the concentrated guidance, words and deeds of professor Bian Qingzhan. Although two competitors of CRRC Corporation Limited haven’t won prize in the competition due to “disorder play”, the cultivation and teaching of Xie Yuanli will benefit them for a lifetime. Advanced skills and good morality of these two professors will be inherited by their apprentices.

Gold medalists
(Gold medalists)

Bronze medalist
(Bronze medalist)

III. The third competition in Hungary, the first prize was won on welding practical operation item.

From 7th to 12nd October, 2015, YPIC 2015 Young Professionals International Competition organized by Hungarian Welding Association was held in Budapest University of Technology and Economics.Competitors from eight Countries including Germany, UK, Poland, Romania, Slovakia, Ukraine, Hungary, China, etc., attended the competition.

Competitors of “Arc Cup” group came from China First Automobile Group Corporation, China Huaneng Group and Xi’an XD High Voltage Apparatus Co., Ltd, Beijing ARC Xinxing Science & Technology Co., Ltd.

Photo in Budapest University of Technology and Economics
(Photo in Budapest University of Technology and Economics)

The competition in Hungary not only examines theory but also practical operation. This acquires competitors have deep professional skills and exquisite practical operation skills. The competitors should complete welding robot programming, forge welding operation, metallographical identification, gas flow calculations, WPS technology file revision, weldment prefabrication, and welding practical operation. Besides, they also should have the ability to read and write in English.

The preparation is impossible since the host doesn’t disclosure detailed competition items and only gives limited and abstract and very few competition technology profiles before the competition.

In face of competition technology rules of the host, “Arc Cup” competition group divided competitors into groups. Each group has engineer, professional welder, English translator, thus members can learn from each other’s strong points to offset their weakness. For weak theoretical basis of competitors, professional teachers were invited to help.

Through competition, two group members of Chinese “Arc Cup” group won individual gold medal and silver medal of welding practical operation. Chen Kai won the best welder prize of practical operation. At the same time, “Arc Cup” group won the second prize, while UK and Hungary won group first prize and group second prize respectively.

Competitors in Practical Operation
(Competitors in Practical Operation)

Competitors in Theory Written Test

Competitors in Theory Written Test
(Competitors in Theory Written Test)

Competitors Winning Awards
(Competitors Winning Awards)

As the associated event of International Institute of Welding (IIW), the competition aims to promote the skills exchange among young professionals.Therefore, the concurrent professional symposium with high standard was also held and Dr. Liu Zhenying from Beijing ARC Xinxing Science & Technology made report on the seminar. Group members all participated the seminar to capture the latest cutting-edge welding information and know about the latest professional trend of industry. “Arc Cup” leads the latest industry wind indicator.

Dr. Liu Zhenying Made a Report on the Seminar
(Dr. Liu Zhenying Made a Report on the Seminar)

IV Competition in Cambridge, the silver medal was won on European Welding Competition

On 21st Oct. 2015, the WeldCup 2015 technical exchanges and competition which was co-hosted by EWF (European Welding Federation) and TWI (The Welding Institute), attended by many international welding Countries, such as Austria, Belgium, China, Germany, Hungary, Romania, UK, etc., came to a successful end in Cambridge, the headquarter of TWI.
At the Competition, the organizer appointed the following four welding processes as MMA, MAG, TIG and FCAW.

Chinese Group members including Lan Tianyu and Liang Meng from CNPC, Li Shuo from China State Shipbuilding Corporation spared no efforts and overcame all difficulties to achieve the 2nd place on the team competition against German Group. At the same time, Li Shuo was awarded as the Best TIG Welder.

Honor Certificate of Chinese Group
(Honor Certificate of Chinese Group)

During the Competition, TWI also organized a technology exchange meeting. And Dr. Liu Zhenying was invited to introduce 2014 Beijing “Arc Cup” International Welding Competition and presented excellent video at the meeting. Meanwhile, Dr. Liu also sincerely invited each Country to attend the upcoming 2016 (4th) “Arc Cup” International Welding Competition and concurrent “2016 (2nd) International Conference on MANUTECH & SKILLS” as well as “2016 MANUTECH & SKILLS Demonstration Show”.

Dr. Liu Zhenying introduced 2014 “Arc Cup” International Welding Competition and presented excellent video on the pre-competition meeting.
(Dr. Liu Zhenying introduced 2014 “Arc Cup” International Welding Competition and presented excellent video on the pre-competition meeting.)

TWI (The Welding Institute) is a non-profit organization in the form of enterprise for operation. It owns about 400 staff and its main business covers equipment, material, training, authentication, etc. Recently, Organizing Committee of “Arc Cup” International Welding Competition (OC ARCIWC) is always keeping in close contact with TWI and seeking for strategic cooperation. In 2016, OC ARCIWC and TWI plan to conduct a series of cooperation to contribute for Chinese high-skilled professionals cultivation.

Group photo of TWI Chairman and person in charge of EWF
(Group photo of TWI Chairman and person in charge of EWF)

Dr. Liu Zhenying stood in front of TWI aluminium alloy friction stir welding works
(Dr. Liu Zhenying stood in front of TWI aluminium alloy friction stir welding works)

Chinese competitor was in competition
(Chinese competitor was in competition)

V. Only one competitor competed in Chicago, while the rest seven competitors unfortunately couldn’t come due to visa delay

From 8th to 17th Oct., 2015, the “2015 AWS International Welding Competition” held by AWS (American Welding Society) was opened in Chicago, America. FABTECH 2015 was also held in McCormick Place. The group members from China Huaneng Group and Henan Cement Association took part in the Competition and visited the exhibition as “Arc Cup” delegation

FABTECH 2015 Held in McCormick Place of Chicago
(FABTECH 2015 Held in McCormick Place of Chicago)

More than 200 competitors from Canada, Mexico, Brazil, Finland, Austria and China, etc., gathered together to exchange experience and broaden their view by way of competition.

Chinese Group originally planned to send 8 competitors to participate in the competition, but 7 members didn’t get their visa on time. So they missed the competition. The only one competitor ranked the 14th on the professional welding competition.

Live show of Competitors in competition
(Live show of Competitors in competition)

Chinese competitors was in competition
(Chinese competitors was in competition)

As the relevant event of AWS, this competition aims to actively boost the technical communication among competitors around the world. In addition, Chinese competitors were invited to attend the AWS Board of Directors Conference and received high-standard reception. And Dr. Liu Zhenying, the leader of the delegation sincerely invited AWS to participate in the 2016 (4th) Beijing “Arc Cup” International Welding Competition, 2016 (2nd) International Conference on MANUTECH & SKILLS and MANUTECH & SKILLS Demonstration Show.

Dr. Liu Zhenying made speech on AWS Board of Directors Conference
(Dr. Liu Zhenying made speech on AWS Board of Directors Conference)

The AWS Competition and FABTECH Exhibition were held at the same time. FABTECH is the largest, most professional and influential metal forming, precision casting, fabricating, welding and finishing event in North America. Dated from 1981, this exhibition was co-hosted by SME, PMA, AWS and FMA. It was held in Atlanta, Chicago and Las Vegas in rotation. The exhibition covers metal forming, coiled material processing, bending and folding equipment, control system, plasma and water jet cutting, hydraulic forming, material processing, laser, stamping, rolling forming, surface treatment, saw machine, die forging, mould, welding, etc. Moreover, safety equipment, computer aided software, automatic device and robot which relate to metal processing industry are also showcased. Beijing ARC Xinxing Science & Technology Co., Ltd carried welding equipment, wear-resisting welding wires and wear plates to attend the exhibition. Meanwhile, Chinese competitors also visited the exhibition.

2015 “Arc Cup” International Exchange Activities have ended. And the 22 competitors have returned to their work place. After the glory and applause, their work and life seemed to recover to its original state. However, the precious experience of going abroad to exchange on the latest international technology and skills may become their lifelong memories. The shiny metals and trophies can become the fingerpost of the ordinary welders so as to make them become better and stronger. The welders who are honored as “Excellent Skills Position Professionals of State-owned Enterprises” or “Excellent Young Skilled Position Professionals of State-owned Enterprises” by SASAC may hence change their career path.

Let us bless for “Arc Cup”! The “Artisan Spirit” cherished by “Arc Cup” is one of the most significant core competence among Chinese manufacturing industries! We look forward to meeting with you in 2016 (4th) Beijing “Arc Cup” International Welding Competition, 2016 (2nd) International Conference on MANUTECH & SKILLS, and 2016 MANUTECH & SKILLS Demonstration Show from June 18th to 23rd in Beijing, China!

Dear all,

For those attending the auditor/examiner workshop and examination on 25th October (Saturday), 0900 - 1500

Attached are the latest OPs for your reference.

Attached is also the content page of the ISO standards, which will be used for the workshop and examination.

Let me know should you need any copies of it.

Best Regards

Carol Lau Hwee Hun

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2nd row – layer 1  (from left) - Dr Liu Xiaoyan (Welding Engineering Institute); Mr Edi Diarman (Indonesian Welding Society); Mr Wataru Mizunuma (Japan Welding Engineering Society);  Mr Ang Chee Pheng (Singapore Welding Society); Mr Zulbayar Bold (Mongolian Material Science & Welding Society); Mr Atmawinata Achdiat (Indonesian Welding Society); Mr Raju Narasimhan (Indian Welding Society);

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4th row – (from left) - Mr Yasutaka Okamoto (Nippon Steel & Sumikin Welding Co., Ltd) ; Mr Minoru Otsu (Kobe Steel, Ltd).   

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