What is AWF?

(Asian Welding Federation)

Background of Establishment of Asian Welding Federation

1. Common View of AWF Members at Foundation
・Rapid Increase of Steel Consumption in Asia
・Globalization, Free Trade Agreement, Agreement of TBT
・European Counties expanding to Asia
・Growing Needs of Decreasing the Gap of Welding
・Technology among Asian Countries and Promoting Welding Technology Transfer

2. Foundation of AWF
・July 2004:Meeting to prepare the Foundation of AWF(at Osaka)
・ October 2004 : Inaugural Meeting of AWF ( at Manila)

3. Current AWF Administrator (As of Oct.2018)
・President : Mr. Zulbayar Bold (Mongolia)
・1st  Vice President : Mr.Sze Thiam Siong (Singapore)
・2nd Vice President : Mr.M. Mahajan (India)
・Honorary Treasurer : Dr.Sun Zhenguo (China)
・Secretary General : Dr. Zaed Yuliadi(Indonesia)

<Current Member Country>

NO. Country
1 China
2 India
3 Indonesia
4 Japan
5 Korea
6 Malaysia
7 Philippines
8 Singapore
9 Thailand
10 Vietnam
11 Myanmar
12 Mongolia

 Objectives and Membership of AWF

1. Objectives of AWF
1) Establishing Unified and Harmonized Certification Scheme for Welding Personnel
2) Promoting Exchange of Technical Information and Transfer of Welding Knowledge
3) Developing a formal structure to promote AWF members towards a common welding standard and preparation of draft of ISO standard reflecting Asian needs
4) Developing an IT network among the member organizations

2. Membership of AWF
1) Full Membership shall be open to a non-profit welding society/institute/association or similar organisation related to welding in each of the countries in the Asian continent.
2) An AWF Full Member is a welding society/institute/association generally recognised as representative of the welding community or part thereof in a country in Asia and approved by the AWF Governing Council.

Current Activities of AWF

1. Current Activities
1) AWF Common Welder Certification Scheme(CWCS) to foster Qualified Welders
⇒To establish its scheme based on ISO9606-1 by CWCS-Committee Meeting
2) Standardization
⇒ To establish common ground on which to share information concerning the welding standards in AWF countries by Standardization-Committee Meeting
3) Asian Welding Technology and Its Application Forum
⇒ To exchange technical Information by Welding Technology & Application Forum

2. Holding time of meeting : 2 times per year (Spring, Autumn)

29th AWF meeting in Tokyo (Apr.2018)


AWF was formed at Osaka, Japan on 16th July 2004.

Aim of AWF is the betterment of welding communities in Asia in terms of economic technological growth.

13 countries in Asia are the members of AWF

AWF meets three to four times in a year.
About AWF

The ASIAN WELDING FEDERATION (AWF) is a federation formed by the Asian Welding Societies/institutes/associations.

The AWF is a non-profit making organization devoted to the improvement and promotion of welding technology through the exchange of scientific information and knowledge for the betterment of the welding communities in Asia in terms of economics and technological progress and growth.

To promote the technical advancement of the science, art, process, work, occupation, practice and standard of Welding in all its branches and uses and of all allied ancillary or complementary sciences, arts, processes and occupations and the attainment of knowledge to conduct researches and experiments therein respectively. To disseminate, extent, impart and promote knowledge of all systems of welding and their respective application to industrial purposes and to promote proficiency therein and to consider, originate and promote reforms and improvements in methods of Welding and the use and application of Welding into and for industrial or commercial endeavor.

The main objectives are as follows:

Standardization of welding skill and qualification

    Promoting more exchange of scientific and technical information in welding and transfer of welding knowledge and skills
    Develop a formal structure to promote and guide AWF members towards a common welding standard
    Defining common guidelines for the education, training, qualification and certficiation of personnel in welding and its related technology
    Increasing welding qualification and efficiency In meeting these objectives, the AWF will use various working units, sub-committees or groups and forms of activities deemed necessary, independently or in co-operation with other bodies having similar or complementary goals.

The Charter of the Federation is attached for more detail activties of AWF. The AWF membership is growing since the formation in year 2004. Currently we have members from China, Indonesia, Iran, India, Japan, Korea, Malaysia, Mongolia, Myanmar,Philippines, Singapore, Thailand and Vietnam.

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