On November 17, 2022, the opening ceremony of the 10th ARC Cup International Welding Competition of 2022 BELT&ROAD And BRICS Skills Development& Technology Innovation Competition was successfully held in Chengdu Industry and Trade College. With the strong support of BRICS countries and the Belt and Road countries, the competition brought together 211 participants from 57 teams, including 190 representatives from 47 teams in China from 15 central enterprises and 32 high/secondary vocational schools and related enterprises. Due to the impact of the epidemic, 21 overseas contestants from India, Belarus, Ghana, Hong Kong and other countries and regions have registered for the competition.


Vice chairman of All-China Federation of Trades Unions, Chief Skilled Expert of the first Institute of China Aerospace Science and Technology Corporation——Gao Fenglin, Director-general of China Center for International People-to-People Exchange Ministry of Education, People’s Republic of China——Mr.Du KeweiChairman of China Section of BRICS Business Council SDWG, president of International Alliance of Skills Development, president of Belt & Road and BRICS Skills Development and Technology Innovation Training Center, Executive Chairman of Organizing Committee of BRICS Skills Development & Technology Innovation Competition, President of BRICS Academy of Skills Development and Technology Innovation(Xiamen) and Secretary General of Organizing Committee of ARC Cup International WeldingCompetition——Dr.Liu ZhenyingTop Level Researcher of Chengdu Education Bureau——Mr.Wan BinSecretary of the Party Committee of Chengdu Industry and Trade College——Mr. Wang Tao and Secretary-general of India Institute of Welding(IIW-India)——Rituraj Bose deliveredan opening speech.

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To continue the tradition of continuous innovation and breakthrough of ARC Cup welding competition, This competition has set up the 6th Remote International Welding Technology Competition (New Welding Technology, New equipment, New materials, New process and its application competition), the 9th International Welding Robot Competition, the 10th International Welding Skills Competition, the First Virtual Simulation Welding Competition and the Second Automatic Pipeline Welding Competition.

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In order to promote the exchange and promotion of special technology and skill projects in the welding field, and provide solutions and resource sharing channels for technical problems often encountered in the welding production process, the competition also sets up non-required competition such as welding quality inspection, advanced welding equipment demonstration, advanced welding technology performance, stunts and stunts, special welding and cutting expert performance, etc. It is highly concerned by all walks of life.



At the opening ceremony, the judges' representatives and the competitors' representatives made a solemn oath. The domestic teams from the central enterprises, high/secondary vocational schools and related enterprises shouted their own slogans, showing the positive and hard work spirit of the competitors. The atmosphere was enthusiastic.





There were nearly 500 participants from social organizations, enterprises, university leaders, experts and scholars, people from all walks of life, as well as representatives from India, Belarus, Ghana, Hong Kong, China and other countries and regions. 2,000 people from Brazil, Russia, South Africa, India, Myanmar, Thailand, Ghana, Vietnam and other BRICS countries and Belt and Road countries watched the opening ceremony online, witnessing the new journey of ARCCup International Welding Competition with us.


The competition will run from November 17 to the morning of November 20, and the competitions will go head-to-head. On the afternoon of November 20, the 11th Asian Welding Technology and Application Forum and 2022 Intelligent Webinar on Intelligent Welding Technology and Welding Education & Training will be held. The closing ceremony and award ceremony will be held on the morning of November 21.

It is reported that the ARC Cup International Welding Competition has been successfully held for nine times since 2010, and its achievements have been highly recognized by the international welding circle and praised as the "Welding World Cup" by the International Institute of Welding (IIW), the highest international welding academic organization. It is one of the most influential international welding competitions in the world.

For more than 10 years, nearly 4000 welding masters from more than 30 countries have competed together on the stage of ARC Cup International Welding Competition. More than 300 outstanding players from more than 50 central enterprises stood out from the ARC Cup international welding competition and won the titles of "Central Enterprise Technical Expert" and "Central Enterprise Youth Position Expert". They have become or are becoming the technical backbone and skill leaders of the central enterprises. More than 80 vocational schools have participated in the ARC Cup International Welding Competition, and hundreds of young students have won the international awards, and won better career development opportunities for themselves.

ARC Cup International Welding Competition is one of the tasks of the Belt and Road and BRICS Skills Development and Technology Innovation Training Center of China Association for Science and Technology. Over the past 10 years, ARC Cup International Welding Competition, as a platform for the communication of high-tech talents, has created more opportunities for the training of international welding talents, and for skilled talents to go out and participate in the construction of "The Belt and Road", and provided a great stage to realize their dreams in life!


The ARC Cup Welding Competition is also an important part of the BRICS Skills Group's design of 5 key deliverables during China's BRICS presidency in 2022. Since the first BRICS Skills Development and Technology Innovation Competition was held in 2017, the ARC Cup International Welding Competition, as the main competition, has played an important role in promoting educational cooperation, skills development and people-to-people exchanges among BRICS countries. Together with other competitions, for six consecutive years, it has been designed as an important outcome of the Annual Report of the BRICS Business Council and presented to the heads of state of the five BRICS countries.

The 10th ARC Cup Welding Competition was organized by BRICS Business Council (BRICS BC), International Alliance for Belt and Road & BRICS Skills Development (IASDBR), Belt & Road and BRICS Skills Development and Technology Innovation Training Center and the Organizing Committee of the International Welding Competition (Arc Cup). Co-sponsored by China Association of Invention (CAI) and China Center for International People-to-People Exchange Ministry of Education, People’s Republic of China


This competition has received strong support from European, Asian and African multinational welding organizations. More than 30 welding organizations from Belarus, Bulgaria, Cameroon, Germany, Ghana, Kazakhstan, South Korea, Mongolia, Romania, Russia, Serbia, Indonesia, Singapore, South Africa, India, Ukraine, Vietnam and other countries expressed their congratulations on the success of the competition in various ways. China Welding Association, China Workers Welding Technology Association, China Welding Association Surface Engineering and Additive Manufacturing Working Committee, China Building Material Machinery Association Welding Technology Division also pay close attention to the competition.


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